Concerning Jerusalem – Where Do You Stand

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By Pearl Harper

   Do you know and realize, what a crossroads moment we are living in at this time? I received information, as many who support the Jerusalem Prayer Team do, Michael D. Evans keeps up with world happenings concerning Jerusalem and the future of Jerusalem and the Jewish people.

First I want to make something very clear, if you read God’s Holy word and believe it, you would be out of your mind to try and divide Jerusalem or to try and destroy the Jewish people.

The Bible is very clear how God feels about Jerusalem. Psalm 122:6-7, he admonishes all “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee, Peace be within thy walls and prosperity within thy palaces.”

This command is just as real to us today. Who would not want peace and prosperity in their life? Psalm 125:1-2, is very plain also. “They that trust in the Lord shall be as Mount Zion, which cannot be removed, but abideth forever. As the mountains are around about Jerusalem, so the Lord is round about his people.”

Isaiah writes in Isaiah 31:4-5, “For thus hath the Lord God spoken unto me, Like as the lion and the young lion roaring on his prey, when a multitude of shepherds is called forth against him, he will not be afraid of their voice, nor abase (backdown) himself for the noise of them: so shall the Lord of Hosts come down to fight for Mount Zion and for the hill thereof. As the birds flying, so will the Lord of hosts defend Jerusalem; defending also he will deliver it.”

There are a lot of people who do not comprehend the importance of Jerusalem. Zechariah chapter 2 tells of the importance if Jerusalem, and verse 8 is plain, “For he that toucheth you (Jerusalem) toucheth the apple of his (God’s) eye.”

Jerusalem is mentioned over 750 times in the Bible.

Michael Evans wrote that recently there was a U.S. negotiating team in Israel trying to force the Jewish people to divide Jerusalem and much of the land God promised to Abraham as his possession forever.

Whoever thought the day would come when then U.S. wouldn’t support Israel? I think a lot of people support Israel, but they are not he ones making the most noise.

God promises a curse on any nation that attempts to touch Jerusalem. In your opinion could this be the reason we are seeing so many catastrophic things happening in the U.S. right now? I know what I think – we are in trouble.

Soon (if not already) nations of the world will meet in Washington D.C., “many nations for the world,” trying to pressure Israel to surrender, to give up the control of Jerusalem.

I may not be a large voice, but I am a voice and I want to be found trying to bless God’s Holy city and God’s people. Where do you stand? Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. God Bless