Congress is Trying to Spend Us Out of Debt

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By Dennis Powers

 It can’t be done.  

We’ve heard it since we were children and our parents were right. It doesn’t work at home and it doesn’t work in the government.  

America should have known what it was getting with Obama and a Democrat-controlled Congress – more spending; more government programs and more waste of our hard-earned tax dollars.  

We asked for it, we got it – Obama.

Before you crank up the email machine and tell me how Bush and Republicans voted for a bailout recently, Conservatives were begging them not to do it.  We contacted our representatives as we are doing now, but only a few listened to us.  It wasn’t right then and it isn’t right now.

This all could add up to the end of Capitalism, but for the 43-percent that are dependent upon the federal government for their upkeep, it will be welcome news. Once that number reaches 51- percent, we can kiss our country goodbye. For those of us who work for a living or have retired, it makes us sad.

As a taxpayer who abhors government waste, I felt compelled to write about this atrocity.  Everyone needs to be aware of what is in this spending bill, inappropriately named a stimulus package.

I don’t know where to start, but here is a partial list of where your, not the government’s, money is going: $1.1 billion to Amtrak – another failed government-run business that hasn’t turned a profit in 40 years; $50 million to the National Endowment of the Arts – known for their degrading Christian art.  

Another $400 million to climate change research – formally known as global warming until everybody, except Al Gore, realized the earth has cooled for the last nine years; $650 million for the digital-to-analog converter box program – that would be 13 million $50-coupons. Have you got your coupon yet?

There is  $300 million slated to combat sexually transmitted diseases – really?

Then $200 million for new sod for the Washington Mall – looks like the two million people that turned out for the inauguration were wearing steel cleats; $4 billion to neighborhood stabilization programs like ACORN, which is under indictment for voter fraud in 12 states; $600 million for the federal government to buy green cars from Detroit – couldn’t they have picked another color?  

There is $7.7 billion for the federal buildings fund– we’ll need more room to put all the new government employees; $50 million on honeybee insurance – they must be high-risk.; $83 billion for an earned income tax credit for those who pay no income tax, including illegal aliens - taking money from taxpayers and giving it to non-taxpayers satisfies a long-time of the liberal left to redistribute wealth.

Another $66 billion for education and who is against education? Nobody, especially when the bill states that no student “shall use such funds to provide financial assistance to students to attend private elementary or secondary schools.”  God forbid someone might want to go to Christian or private school.

This so-called stimulus is nothing but a spending bill and the list of pork is endless. It has often been called a “40 -year wish list” for Democrats.  It will also allow them to funnel money and control the purse strings of states that are incapable of maintaining a balanced budget like we enjoy in Tennessee.

A stimulus or bailout package is like feeding a bear in the Great Smokey Mountains - it sounds like a good idea at first, but rarely does it ever have a happy ending.

If Congress and the President wanted to stimulate the economy, they could do it the same way JFK and Reagan did it – cut taxes.  If we cut the corporate, business and marginal tax rates for individuals by 50 percent, it would put more money in system and create more jobs and tax revenue than any type of spending bill could ever do.

Vice President Joe Biden said it was our “patriotic duty” to pay taxes, but many in Congress and the President’s new cabinet have such a difficult time doing so. A 50- percent tax break would help these fellows also.

We are supposed to be in the stage of bipartisanship, but the House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, said, “We won the election - we wrote the bill.”  Thank goodness all the Republicans and 11 blue-dog Democrats in the House said no to the largest spending bill in history.

When are we as a nation ever going to realize that business, not the government, is the engine of growth for our country?  Hopefully, we will before it is too late.

Dennis Powers is a conservative columnist and his columns are found @ LaFollettePress.com, BackyardPolitics.org,

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