Conservatives Rally and Speak Truth to Obama

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By Josh Parker

It’s been a long, hot summer, politically, across the country. Americans from all walks of life, including Republicans, Independents, and Conservative Democrats have challenged politicians of all walks of political life. The catalyst, of course, has been the Obama proposal to nationalize our healthcare system, however. While healthcare has been the catalyst, Americans have showed that they are tired of out of control government spending. Americans are fed up with the government attempting to take away basic rights and freedoms that the Constitution gives us.  Through several venues, Conservatives have petitioned their government, and maybe, saved America from becoming a Socialist country.

Conservatives first began standing up to Obama in the spring of this year. They held ‘Tea Parties’ across America to protest government spending and bailouts for everybody except hard working Americans. These gatherings were peaceful and were exercises in freedom of speech and assembly. They also happened at a crucial time. Keep in mind the stimulus bill, the one that has resulted in near 10 percent unemployment, had passed a few months earlier and Democrats in Congress were beginning to talk about a second stimulus bill. I argue that the Tea Parties across America resulted in Congress from backing down from a second stimulus bill.

Democrats, Liberals, and their friends in the media were attempting to discredit each American who showed up to Tea Parties across America. The Tea Parties, Democrats said, were extreme-right wingers of the Republican Party protesting Obama because he’s black. That’s not true.  I remember attending the Tea party here in Jacksboro back on April 15 and remember seeing a couple of hundred of people in attendance, consisting of families, young adults, senior adults, and Veterans. The Conservatives who attended these Tea Parties are patriots, not extremists.  

The Tea Party movement of the spring gave way to the Town Hall Meetings of July and August.  It was a refreshing sight to see citizens addressing members of congress and making clear where they stood on crucial legislation, and reminding them they work for us, the people.  Lincoln Davis, for example, works for us, the people of the 4th Congressional district. He doesn’t work for Nancy Pelosi, and he doesn’t work for Barack Obama. Once again, it was the concerns that Conservatives had over Obama’s nationalized healthcare plan that drove people to these town hall meetings. The American people spoke up loudly and forcefully against nationalized healthcare, which brings us to the current impasse.   

Just last week, President Obama addressed Congress and attempted to make Conservatives look as if they were the problem with the current debate on his nationalized healthcare plan. Given, there are ideas that Republicans and Democrats agree on, however. During the course of his address, Obama made a statement, an untrue one, about benefits for illegal immigrants and he got called out on it by Rep. Joe Wilson, Republican from South Carolina, when he shouted ‘You Lie’ at Obama inside the House of Representatives Chamber. While not the place to make such a statement, Wilson summed up the misgivings that Conservatives have about Obama’s healthcare plan. The House of Representatives Chamber is not the place for such comments, which is why Wilson immediately apologized to President Obama after the address; however, let’s remember that Democrats booed George W. Bush in 2005 during the State of the Union address. Harry Reid, the Senate Democratic Leader, called Bush a ‘liar’ and a ‘loser.’  Sounds like instead of complaining about etiquette toward the President of the United States, they need to get consistent.

Conservatives have rallied all spring and summer, and now going into fall and winter, the key will be keeping these energized voters active. If the Republican Party can tap into this Conservative base, and offer substantive alternatives to Barack Obama’s big government policies, then the Republicans may just find themselves back in the majority next year.  

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