Cougar Craziness set for Friday

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By Chris Cannon



Campbell County basketball is trying a new approach at firing the players up this season.

Set for tomorrow, Friday Nov. 2, is Cougar Craziness inside John R.W. Brown Gymnasium.

For the Cougars and Lady Cougars, it’s time to get pumped up in front of their hometown crowd, as the season is set to tipoff on Nov. 13.

“They’re pumped up about it,” head coach Matt Housley said. “We’ve got a pretty good alumni base coming back. We’ve got about 22 or 23 guys. They’re excited.”

With the event set to begin at 6 p.m., an alumni game is the opening festivities.

Admission to the event is two dollars.

In attendance for the game will be all the elementary school teams and middle school teams. According to Housley, they will have VIP courtside seats and will be introduced during night’s events.

Jacksboro and LaFollette teams, as well as their cheerleaders, will be introduced, along with both squads from Jacksboro, Caryville, Valley View, and LaFollette elementary schools.

The Cougars and Lady Cougars will both participated in three-point contests and hot shot contest.

“We’ll finish up with a Blue and Orange game, boys and girls,” Housley said. “The kids are excited about it. They’ve been looking forward to this since we started talking about it. I’m looking forward to it a ton.”

The community should be looking forward to it as well. According to Housley, members of the community give so much to the Campbell County programs, this is just their way of giving a little something back.

“We’re wanting to get a stronger tie to the community,” he said. “In the community, there are several people that help us a ton and businesses that help us. This is how we can let them know that the giving is not a one-way street.”

For Lady Cougar’s head coach Ryan Browning, Housley is owed appreciation for putting the event on for both teams.

“I would like to appreciate Coach Housley for putting it on,” he said. “He’s done a great job of planning everything. I think (the players) will be more fired up as we get closer.”

To Housley, it’s encouraging to see the community already fired up about the event.

“I’ve had several alumni that have called me,” Housley said. “I’ve had five or six call me and say that it sounds like a really good time, and they want to be a part of it. The kids are getting out working trying to get as much publicity for it, because I think our goal for the Cougar Craziness is to get as many people in this gym as possible. If we can do that, I’m confident that the fans are going to like the product that we put on the court.”