County handed lawsuit from injury at dump

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By Jennifer Caldwell

A local man is asking the county to compensate him for an injury he allegedly sustained at one of the area convenience centers.
In a suit filed last Tuesday in circuit court Carlos Gross, through his attorney David Dunaway, alleges that while he was visiting the convenience center building located near Vasper he “suddenly and unexpectedly encountered a hidden and defective condition” that caused a fall that left him with “serious and disabling injuries” to his left foot.
In the complaint, Dunaway contends that the defendant, defined as Campbell County government, knew the area where Gross fell was hazardous and failed to make the necessary adjustments to eliminate the hazard.
According to the filing, Gross believes the county was responsible for keeping the premises of the convenience center in a “safe and suitable” condition.
Dunaway argues that the negligently designed and constructed steps resulted in Gross’ injury.  The document also states that the county failed to properly maintain the structure and warn the public of the dangers present on the property.
As a result of his injuries, Gross maintains that he has incurred medical expenses as a result of his injuries. He also alleges the injuries are permanent in nature and will require additional medical expenses in the future.
Gross is asking for $300,000 in damages to be paid by the county.