County Talk

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William Baird, county mayor

 It has been a very busy time for the County Mayor’s Office. In addition to the additional county commission meetings that were held to review and approve the county budget, several new employees were sworn in for the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department. 

Wheel tax effective Nov. 1:

The wheel tax increase recently passed by the Campbell County Commission is effective Nov. 1.  Renewals for November and December had already been mailed prior to the change and will not reflect the proper amount of $45 that will be collected by the County Court Clerk.  Please plan for this revision.

Campbell County Department of Finance Vendor Requirements

Our finance department has issued new guidelines as follows:

  • All vendors are required to complete and return a Vendor Acknowledgement Letter and a W-9 Tax Identification Form to the Campbell County Department of Finance.  Additionally, all vendors are required to submit a current copy of their Business License, unless the business entity is exempt from the requirement to have a business license by State Law. Further, all vendors are required to submit a copy of a valid Certificate of Liability Insurance, if performing work on County Property. These documents will be kept on file in the Finance Office and must be resubmitted on an annual basis.
  • Quotes must be obtained from two to three vendors depending upon the amount of purchase except in cases where sole source suppliers are required. 
  • Lastly, as vendors are solicited/engaged to perform or provide goods and/or services, they must submit a Vendor Certification of Eligibility and Non-Collusion Form.  All of these documents can be obtained from the Department of Finance which is located across the street from the Courthouse 562-6201. 

Campbell County THDA Home Grant:

Campbell County has received a grant to assist low income residents with improvements to their homes.  In addition to the county grant, the City of LaFollette, City of Jellico, and the City of Caryville received THDA Home Grants as well. The public hearing for the Campbell County THDA Home Grant is scheduled for Thursday, November 4, 2010 at 6:00 p.m. in the lower courtroom at the Courthouse. Residents are encouraged to attend this hearing to receive help with completing applications. Proof of income and proof of ownership should be brought to the meeting to facilitate the approval process.

Toys for Tots:

It is once again time for Toys for Tots. Applications will be accepted on Nov. 13 at the Courthouse from 9 until 2 p.m. and toys will be distributed on Dec. 17.  Cookbooks are on sale with proceeds going to pay for toys for needy children.