Couple marries grocery aisle

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By Natasha LaFayette

For Diana Carroll and Wayne Huckaby it’s not where you marry as long as you do it for love.

On Friday, Huckaby and Carroll were married in the Save-A-Lot grocery store stock room.

Friends, family, cases of Ramon Noodles, mayonnaise and canned beans surrounded them as they took the vows to love, honor and cherish one another.

Carroll is a cashier at the store and Huckaby is a manager in the meat department. They met over a year ago when Carroll started working at the grocery store.

Huckaby recalled seeing Carroll for the first time as she was sweeping the floor. He told her she would make a good housewife and she shrugged him off saying, not any more.

Both were both recently divorced so when they started dating; they were still very hesitant of relationships, said Carroll.

The couple parted ways after several months of dating. But soon they found themselves back together, making plans for the future.

“We reunited because we knew how good we was together,” said Huckaby who claims the union was born from pain and sadness that turned to love and happiness.

Carroll was escorted by her son Nathan Carroll down the make shift isle of garlands, rose petals and tea candles. Friends, coworkers and family leaned against the cases of food as Carroll turned the corner, headed for her future husband.

The country music on the loud speaker was turned off and a small CD player was used to play the ceremonial wedding music.

The stockroom was momentarily transformed into a chapel as the two prayed and exchanged rings and vows.

“It turned out great to be in a grocery store,” said Huckaby.

The small wedding was the work of two weeks of planning. When asked why the couple chose the grocery store that boasts savings, Carroll said it was appropriate because they met there.

On Monday morning the couple was still beaming.

“I feel great and she feels great,” said Huckaby.