'Crushing Nuisance'

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Drug roundup nets dozens

By Joseph P. King II

CAMPBELL COUNTY—A drug round up headed by the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office this week yielded 20 suspected drug dealers, with nearly 20 others still being sought by local authorities.

Campbell County Sheriff Robbie K. Goins said Monday morning that law enforcement was on the ground arresting and actively seeking nearly 40 of the county’s worst drug dealers and probation violators.

Evidence related to the round up has been gathered for nearly a year in this investigation with hundreds of thousands of dollars in money, drugs, vehicles and property seized in several search warrants and presented as evidence to a Campbell County grand jury, according to Campbell County Chief Deputy Aaron Evans.

“These investigations, indictments and arrests are products of citizen concerns, undercover investigations and a committed decision by law enforcement to hold these people accountable as many times as it takes, for as long as it takes,” Goins said in a statement. “I have made it clear from day one that we will fight the illegal drug system, the pill mills and careless and reckless prescription dispensing where ever it takes us and to whom ever we need to investigate, arrest and prosecute. After receiving concerned citizen reports, along with our own intelligence, we started the nearly year-long tedious undercover operations that have yielded these indictments and arrests on specific individuals today.”

Dubbed by CCSO as “Operation Crushing Nuisance,” the round up also included the District Attorney’s 8th Judicial Drug Task Force and the Jellico Police Department. A Campbell County grand jury met last week hearing criminal evidence brought against the suspected individuals and returned true bill indictments.

The following Monday the CCSO in conjunction with the Tennessee Highway Patrol, the Lafollette Police Department, the Jellico Police Department, the Clinton Police Department and the Jacksboro Police Department, made the arrest, which took in about half of those sought.

“With the other assistance we had and the extra manpower from other agencies there was no hindrance on the daily operations or arrests,” Evans said.

The CCSO will continue to seek the remaining suspects, Evans added.

“The Campbell County citizens and I have more resolve and patience than these drug dealers that make the choice to help ruin the very fibers that our county and communities are built strong on,” Goins continued in a statement. “By listening to one another and working together, today is the greatest of the end result and proof that the product of our working relationships are our best decision for all of our Campbell County families and it’s children. We will continue to do this together and listen when our citizens speak.”

NOTE: For a list of those arrested as part of Operation Crushing Nuisance see the Jail Log on A5 and look for an * at the end of each entry.