Days Inn in Jellico gets a facelift

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By Robby O'Daniel

The staff at Days Inn in Jellico, located behind the McDonald’s, celebrated the Days Inn location’s renovation with a Campbell County Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting last Friday.

The location features 64 rooms, including 58 that are currently operational, Days Inn manager Dylan Patel said.

“It’s a key location. It’s right off the exit. It’s a interstate property,” Dylan Patel said. “We have all these nearby restaurants that people can walk to from just the hotel. Gas stations are right there, walking distance, and if they’re at the top of the building, they got a great, spectacular view.”

Dylan Patel’s father, Mike, owns the location.

“We offer free deluxe breakfast for our guests that stay here,” Dylan Patel said. “We do have free high-speed internet. We do have HBO. We have HD channels. We do have a swimming pool. We do have a spa.”

The Jellico Days Inn has six suites.

“All rooms have been renovated,” Dylan Patel said. “Most of them are being repainted at the moment.”

It was a staggered renovation, around 10 to 12 rooms at a time, Dylan Patel said, so that some rooms were available for renting throughout the time period.

“It took about, a process of about three months for just the regular rooms,” Dylan Patel said. “The suites took a little bit more time as you can see because everything in there is absolutely brand new, including carpet to the door to the sink to just the little fixtures. Everything in there’s brand new.

“So in the standard rooms, we do have new lampshades, new beds, of course, new TV, new furniture, new vanity, new toilet, new bathtub, new fixtures, but in the suites, we have everything. … The process took a total of about five months including the suites.”

The entire process happened from around the end of February to August 2016.

“I can tell you one thing: Whenever guests come to the office and they’re asking me, ‘Are the rooms clean,’ I can tell them confidently that yes, the rooms are clean,” Dylan Patel said. “And I don’t have to look twice or think twice about it. So that’s definitely a good feeling.”