Dayspring Family Health Center refocuses on Women's health

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By Natasha LaFayette



Dayspring Family Health Center has been serving people in Jellico, Clairfield and Williamsburg for nearly 30 years.

Just recently the center has taken on a new initiative – broadening its scope of women’s services.

“We pride ourselves in providing services which are not prevalent in the community,” said Dayspring CEO Mark Watt.

As part of the new initiative, Dayspring is offering the services of three new doctors. The most recent addition is Dr. Cathleen Suto, who will be assisting at the Indian Mountain, Cumberland River and Clear Fork Clinics.

Suto joins the Dayspring team after serving as an OBGYN, board certified Obstetrician-Gynecologist, for the US Air Force.

Suto has practiced about four years with the Air Force, while she was stationed in Florida.

The clinics where Suto will be serving are Jellico, Williamsburg and Clairfield.

Suto will split her time between the clinics and Jellico Community Hospital. She will serve patients apart from the clinics two days a week at the hospital and deliver babies at the hospital as part of her service with the clinics.

Suto is originally from Pennsylvania. After medical school she said she immediately joined the Air Force.

Dayspring Clinics take pride in having about 45,000 visits a year with women, children and families. Dayspring also has about 250 deliveries a year.

Marianne Johnson, Dayspring OB manager, is also new to the center. She has dedicated herself to lifestyle issues including diabetes as well as moms who smoke or bring other bad habits into a pregnancy.

Johnson educates pregnant mothers about smoking sensation, drug and alcohol abuse and domestic abuse. She considers herself a link to other community resources.

Since she started in early 2008 Johnson has served 115 people in over 600 encounters.

Dayspring offers a sliding pay scale. According to Watt, the clinics see and cares for people despite their ability to pay.

“We have rededicated ourselves to women’s health,” said Watt about the unique intimate environment created at the clinics. Many of the physicians are on a first name basis with soon to be mothers.

“I feel very welcomed into the community,” said Suto about her move to Jellico from Florida. “The heart of this practice is to serve the community and I have really enjoyed my time with them.”

Suto said she expects the center to continue to grow because of its dedication and care in the community.