DENNIS THE FILM MENACE: Flicks to keep you in the summer mood

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 Summer is here and while most people want to get out in the heat and enjoy playing games or swimming in a pool, a few may decide that the summer’s sweltering temperature is not their style. 

They  may want to watch a movie instead.
Luckily, Netflix gives options for summer movies that keep you in that game-playing, beach-going and adventure-having mood, but keep you indoors.

For kids there is the animated feature, The Adventures of Tintin

Tintin follows a young reporter who uncovers a mystery surrounding a lost ship, feud between families, and a treasure map with all the gold anyone could need. Directed by Steven Spielberg, this tale is a kid-friendly version of Indiana Jones that will remind parents of the adventures in those films but with a more kid-centered character and plot with loads of action.

Going all over the world with his friend, Captain Haddock,Tintin begins to realize that he must keep the treasure out of the hands of the evil Sakharine, a man with a mysterious past that seems to be grabbing all of the clues. The movie plays as a fun mix between Indiana Jones and Sherlock Holmes mystery and contains lots of action and goofy dialogue between Tintin and his many friends he makes along the way. Sure to please not only kids, but adults as well, The Adventures of Tintin is a safe, fun flick to check out this summer.

For older crowds, there is Wet Hot American Summer, a crazy comedy from director David Wain (Role Models) this was a stepping-stone for many comedians who you see in multiple comedies today. Appearances by Paul Rudd, Bradley Cooper, Amy Poehler, Christopher Meloni and David Hyde Pierce make it a truly memorable comedy.

The movie takes place over the last day of summer camp in 1981 and deals with the many issues that the camp counselors have to deal with to finish up the summer on a high note. While this contains the first appearances of many of the actors, it is not short of laughs and for anyone who enjoyed Wain’s follow-up Role Models will surely enjoy the raunchy humor the movie has.

The movie is similar to Judd Apatow comedies such as Knocked Up or The 40 Year Old Virgin and contains raunchy humor, but fans of comedies like those will enjoy the crazy performances by some. 

Meloni, known for Law and Order: SVU, gives a memorable performance as a crazy chef and completely ruins your perception of him from Law and Order.

The summer always contains the laughs and thrills that come from being outside with friends and family and having fun adventures. But luckily, Netflix helps keep those adventures and laughs going with movies that keep you indoors but with that same summer mood. Both movies are available via Netflix Instant.


Zach Dennis is a student at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville and is a Journalism/Electronic Media major with a Cinema Studies minor.
He is from Chattanooga. Follow him on Twitter at @zdennis24.