Don't forget the blessings that surround us

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By JE Bolton

Complete this sentence: “If I was _______, then I’d truly be blessed and happy.”

Time’s up and pencils down.

Now, forget your answer for a moment and lend me your ears…or, in this case…eyes.

No matter what the answer is, we’re always trying to find true happiness; that light at the end of the tunnel where life and all its oddities make perfect sense. It can span a number of topics: health and well being, building of faith, that perfect soul mate, a position as a C.E.O. with a multi-million dollar income.

Quite frankly, the list goes on and on.

I’ll bet I know something that would’ve never been your fill-in-the-blank answer to my sentence: character building from bad things.

None of us like to talk about it, but it happens: our bank accounts overdraw, our hearts get broken, our cars mess up, a friend betrays us. Once again, the list goes on and on, yet these are where true blessings arise.

The truth is that blessings can never generate unless we first endure hardship. You might be saying to yourself, “J.E., you don’t know how bad my life is right now.” Dear readers, let me assure you that “Another View” doesn’t just  teach and encourage, but it’s often more autobiographical than anyone will ever know.

If my car never needed repairs, I’d never appreciate when it runs smoothly. If my bank account was never overdrawn or if I never received late notices, I’d always take for granted the money I do have now and each bill I pay on time.

Most of all, and this is for a very dear friend of mine: if I’d never had my heart broken, I would’ve never known the joys of rising from it all and learning more about myself.

There are people with seemingly perfect lives who always have someone else fix their problems for them. They never know who they are and blow in every direction possible. When you’ve hit rock bottom and begin to start all over, it means you’re grounded, unsinkable and unwilling to settle for second best.

If it weren’t for storms, there’d be no rainbows.

I’m not financially wealthy. However, material things don’t matter. I’ve learned to wake up each and every morning with an attitude of gratitude. Not because I feel like it when the bad times hit, but because I’ve traveled the tunnel of curses and have always lived to see the light of blessings at the end, and ended up a better person.

I always have and I always will.