Duo pleads guilty to drug charges

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By Susan Sharp

A Caryville couple has pled guilty to narcotics and endangerment charges resolving their lengthy court cases.

Last week, April Roberts agreed she was guilty of two counts of reckless endangerment, simple possession of a schedule VI controlled substance and felony possession of a schedule II controlled substance. She was placed on three years probation, assessed court costs, and fined $250, the agreements said. Roberts must also pay a $1,000 forfeiture.

Edward Trowbridge pled guilty to similar charges. His exception was pleading guilty to simple possession of a schedule II where Roberts pled to possession of schedule VI.  

He is facing the same punishment as Roberts but must forfeit $2,000.

In June 2007, Caryville Police stopped a group of men whom they later arrested for meth related charges. However, before the group was booked into jail, they took authorities to the home where the meth cook was going to be completed, Det. Stephanie Smith at the time.

 As police approached the home, Smith said quick movement could be heard from inside the trailer.

As they continued to knock, “a little boy popped up in the window,” she said.

Answering the door, he said both of his parents were in the bathroom, according to the report filed at the time.

Once officers obtained permission to search the home, narcotics and paraphernalia were found.

Smith said over 200 syringes were found scattered throughout the trailer, most of which were in reach of the children.

“There were hundreds of used needles everywhere. Some were even in the cabinets with the food,” Smith said. “Others were lying beside their toys.”

Searching the home, officers also found tourniquets, razor blades, and other pieces of drug paraphernalia, she said.

Inside a cookie jar, officers found a pound of meth, Smith said. They were able to confirm the nature of the substance using a field testing kit, she said.

“We also found a substance believed to be crushed up oxycontin,” Smith said.

Marijuana was also discovered in various locations throughout the home, the report said.