Efforts to save money

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By Susan Sharp

To say our country is in frightening economic times is not news.

Home foreclosures are at an all time high, interest rates on credit cards are soaring and seeing a news story about lay-offs has become as common as reading the weather forecast.

In Campbell County we have seen some businesses close and others lay-off employees.

No one appears immune to the financial fallout.

But last week I was pleased to see one company take a proactive approach to cutting expenses while keeping employees.

Landmark Community News, Inc, the parent company of the LaFollette Press, made that resourceful decision.

In an effort to save money and jobs, the corporate officers decided to close each of the company’s newspapers one day a month for the next five months. This move includes the corporate offices as well.

Keeping with the theme of allowing community papers to retain their autonomy, that is where the directive from our corporate office stopped. Each site is allowed to choose the day of the week that best suites it and the community. It was also left to the individual locations how or if they wanted to share this news with readers.

What we learned is by closing one day a month, each operation will see a considerable savings.

But better yet not one employee will be forced to clean out their desk and say goodbye.

That bit of news was met with relief at the Press. As we stood there talking about what all of this meant, a consensus was reached. There was not a single one of us who objected to giving up a little if it meant a co-worker, let alone a friend, could keep their job.

In my nearly seven years at the Press I don’t think I have ever had a prouder moment.

But what does all of this mean to the community who has supported the Press for decades?

Really- not much.

We will provide the same coverage of news, sports and other local events that we always have. Our advertising clients will not see any change in the service we have consistently provided either.

In fact, by gaining an extra day off a month, we may just be able to improve all of those points.

To those pessimistic individuals who want to believe this is simply the beginning of the end- don’t worry its not.

And for those who are wondering- the Press staff picked Fridays. We love three-day weekends too.