Elected officials have tough job

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By Susan Sharp

Once the election commission certifies the Aug. 5 election results tomorrow, everything will be official.

After this process those declared winners that night will officially be the winners.

It also means that they are now the people that will lead the county for the next four years.

If you look at the final voting numbers there is one thing that is obvious. The people of Campbell County do not like the direction this area is headed in. When they went to the polls the citizens voted for change. Change not just because they wanted new faces in those positions but change because the people hired to do the jobs didn’t do the job they were hired to do.

What this means for those newly elected is simple- don’t make the same mistakes as your predecessors.

This county has two options- sit here and do nothing or make the hard decisions and move forward.

For those about to be sworn in take heed- making the hard decisions may not be the popular route. In fact, voting or advocating for items outside the norm could mean a second term won’t loom on the horizon.

But at the end of the day officials must look within themselves and ask why they ran for office. Was it to institute change and progress in the community? Was it to take a county that has so much to offer and highlight those attributes? Or was it just to have the opportunity to run for a second term?

As this new group of officials takes office they have several formidable tasks ahead of them.

The county commission is going to have to find new revenue streams for a number of projects as well as make a decision regarding a jail. The new sheriff is faced with a crime rate like none this county has ever seen before. The board of education will have to deal with a new funding formula.

These are not enviable positions.

But they were the positions these people vehemently sought out and were elected to. That tells me that at this point they want to find solutions.

But the elected officials are not the only people responsible for improving Campbell County.

Our job as members of this community is to support them even when they make a decision that hits us in the finances or makes us uncomfortable.

Use any adage you want- “No pain no gain,” Got to spend money to make money,”


The bottom line is that in order for Campbell County to succeed the old way of doing things, which has been to do nothing, must stop.

This fresh batch of officials has promised us change and improvement. But without support from us can they really accomplish it?