Election has possibility to shake things up

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By Susan Sharp

As 2010 was ushered in so was an election year.

However, this is not just any election year.

It is a year where nearly every office in the county is on the ballot. And if the steady traffic outside the election commission holds up as it did on the first day candidates could pick up petitions, we may have more political hopefuls than voters.

With so many offices up for grabs Campbell County is ripe for, well just about anything.

The way I see it this election can go in just about any direction. Voters, tired of what they have seen the last four years, can flock to the polls and clean house. Alternatively, they can flock to the polls, happy with what they have witnessed, and rubber stamp the offices the way the stack up now.

Or else let’s see…what else?

Voters can roll up their sleeves, do their homework and find out what has been accomplished by the people who currently hold office. Frankly, that option gets my vote.

To begin with the constituency should look at the voting records of the candidates. Did the current officials vote in a way that sits well with you? Also consider if the current group actively solicited the opinion of the people they were sworn to represent. And then when they show up at your front door asking for your vote talk to them.

However, voters need to be careful when they hear things like “I didn’t raise your taxes,” from the mouths of those hoping to garner a vote. “I didn’t raise your taxes” can have several interpretations.

Taxes weren’t raised but without that lack of revenue were there any advances made in the county? Were any new programs enacted? Was there any new money to provide children with a better education?

What about those who have never held an office and are anxiously tossing their hats in the ring?

They have no voting records; no promises from past elections to investigate. So what do you ask them?

That is an easy answer- ask them what motivates them. Find out what is rousing them into public service. Also consider asking them how they would have handled some of the situations the last group of officials has encountered.

In politics we all know that promises are a dime a dozen, that is just part of the game.

But as voters we need to let the candidates know that breaking a promise is not allowed. We need to let them know that breaking a promise can get them disqualified from the game.

Now is the time to start considering who will get your vote- don’t wait until you enter that polling booth, in a rush because the line is long and the weather is blazing and all you want to do is get home under the air conditioner.

The politicians aren’t waiting until then to start campaigning. Why should voters wait until then to start thinking who will get their vote?