Employee training leads to large reimbursements.

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By Beth Braden

Editor’s Note: This is the fourth article in our series on government spending within Campbell County.


A personnel shortage made is necessary for seven Campbell County Clerk employees to make almost 200 trips between Jacksboro and Jellico at $28.20 for each trip.

Another 190 trips between Jacksboro and LaFollette were made at $5.64 each.

Each mile is worth 47 cents.

While monthly and weekly trips are scheduled between Jacksboro and Jellico, the travel was so heavy due to training a new employee at the Jellico clerk’s office, said court clerk Debbie Wilson.

“There was during January,” she said. “I was having to send two at a time over there to get it [training] done.”

Other than trips to the various offices, employees do not travel.

“We save the county quite a bit of money by not doing that.”

Since July 2011, total reimbursements were $6,944.51.

Marsha Bruce

Bruce works in the Jellico clerk’s office. She makes weekly trips to Jacksboro. In a month with four weeks, that’s $112.80.

Records for Bruce begin in June. Since then, she made 24 trips to Jacksboro, and two trips to Jellico. So far, Bruce has been reimbursed $697.95.

Hilda Green

Between July 2011 and December 2011, Green was reimbursed for seven trips to the LaFollette office.

Beginning in February, she began making regular trips to the Jellico office, sometimes as often as three times a week. Her last trip to Jellico was on Sept. 4 for a total of 21 trips.

Green was reimbursed $631.56

Margaret Hawkins

Hawkins’ trips follow a similar pattern to Green’s. Between September and November of 2011, she made five trips to Jellico and five trips to LaFollette. In January, she also began making multiple weekly trips to Jellico. Between January and May, she made 55 trips to Jellico. Another three trips were made during October for a total of 63 treks across the mountain.

Hawkins was reimbursed $1,804.80.

Mary Heatherly

Records for Heatherly begin in February, when she also made regular trips to Jellico. The multiple weekly trips continue until August, and then two trips to Jellico were made at the beginning of November. She was also reimbursed for two trips to the LaFollette office.

Heatherly was reimbursed $1,421.28 for 52 trips.

Sue Nance

Nance made the most trips of all county clerk employees. She was reimbursed for 168 trips between Jacksboro and LaFollette. Beginning in August 2011, records indicate Nance worked at the LaFollette office each day, with six trips to the office made each week. There are no more travel records for Nance after December 2011.

Nance was reimbursed $945.

Maria Partin

Between July 2011 and early January 2012, Partin made one trip to LaFollette and 31 trips to Jellico. She was reimbursed $1,186.92.

As of January, Partin was terminated from the county clerk’s office. She currently has county clerk Debbie Wilson sued for wrongful termination.

Jennifer Wilson

Jennifer Wilson made the least trips of the eight county clerk employees. Between February 2012 and the beginning of October, she made nine trips to Jellico.

She was reimbursed $253.80.

Debbie Wilson

Debbie Wilson doesn’t travel, she said, and when she does need to make a trip to the other office, she isn’t reimbursed.

There are no records of any reimbursements made to Debbie Wilson.

“When I go, I don’t get anything,” she said.