Everybody needs a snow day every now and again

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By Charlotte Underwood

As the snow fell faster last Thursday afternoon, I sarcastically thought ‘oh great,’ as I rushed around, trying to finish my day.

Now before you go thinking I’m anti-snow when it comes to the fluffy white stuff, let me let you in on a little back-story.

I spent Christmas in Winterset, Iowa this year, snowed in. The trip began with a frozen cat stuck in my radiator/fan and ended with me being stuck for two weeks in a house with family. I was unable to leave at all, because if I went outside, I would have literally frozen to death in a matter of minutes. Winterset was initially supposed to be called Summerset, but after one winter in the Midwest region, the town’s founding fathers changed its name to Winterset.

Need I say more?

So I’ve had enough of snow for a while, which is why I was less than thrilled to see the beautiful white snowflakes pelting down last Thursday afternoon. During the slick, nerve racking ride home I found myself wishing for warmer weather and the hot sunny days of summer. These wishes were only reinforced after I got home and had to brave the cold even more to feed the animals, making sure all was as it should be on the farm.  The house was cold and I found myself grumbling later that night as I went to bed still wishing for a seasonal change.

It wasn’t until the next morning, after it had snowed even more I might add, that I finally looked out the window and was struck by the beauty of it all.

Sure it was cold, but a pristine beauty stretched everywhere, sprinkled liberally with snow, looking like powdered sugar. As I drank my morning coffee while looking out the window, I finally relaxed. I stopped being frustrated with the fact that I had a million things to do. Instead I enjoyed the fact that they just couldn’t be done right that minute. I stayed in my pajamas all day long, watched old movies, read a third of a book I had been meaning to get to for months and drank several cups of cocoa.

I had a snow day.

But more importantly, I learned that everybody needs a snow day every now and again.