In the eye of the Beholder

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By Bill Claiborne

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil.”  Isaiah 5:20

This week the Obama administration reneged on its commitment to “look forward” and not prosecute the prior administration for alleged misconduct in the War on Terror.  Nevertheless, Attorney General Eric Holder has just authorized an investigation into the CIA’s enhanced interrogation techniques used in the first months following the 9/11 attack.  

This is stupid, if not treasonous. The investigation will completely destroy our ability to work with other nations in the sharing of covert intelligence. Who would want to reveal any worthwhile secrets knowing that some future political trial in America might expose everything?

There are about a dozen cases that John Durham, the appointed special prosecutor, will be investigating. There’s nothing new here. These cases have all been looked into before and would remain closed if not for this extraordinary political move.

This is a reckless decision that will prove disastrous for those heroes in the field who have put themselves at risk for our safety. Eventually, many CIA operatives and contractors will be exposed to the enemy, jeopardizing their lives and families. Is this what we want?  Who does this really help?

President Obama seemingly gave assurances to the CIA last April that this would not happen: “There is nothing more important than protecting the identities of CIA officials.  So, I need everybody to be clear.  We will protect your identities and your security as you vigorously pursue your mission.”

Huh?  Who is he kidding?  

I guess this is the equivalent of Obama’s assurance that the unemployment rate would not go above eight percent if we enacted the $800 billion porkulus bill.  

Fact: the CIA interrogators now under siege by their own government are forces for good, not evil. The Left is clueless, but more than that, they’re putting us all in mortal danger. This is a definite pattern for them. They have demonstrated over the years a pathological tendency to misinterpret the nature of good and evil. Remember how they cringed when Ronald Reagan called the Soviet Union an “Evil Empire?”  Case in point.

For Attorney General Holder, trying to decide, “who’s the good guy” has always been a challenge. As Deputy Attorney General under Janet Reno he participated in Clinton’s infamous Pardongate where Marc Rich and 16 members of the terrorist group Boricua Popular Army, (formerly FALN), were given clemency on Clinton’s last day in office.

The Rich pardon was so bad that it was even denounced by many on the Left. The New York Times called it “an inexcusable abuse of power.” Democrat leaders such as Jimmy Carter, Terry McAuliffe, Chuck Schumer and Robert Byrd all condemned the act as a disgrace. I suppose it is conceivable that Holder didn’t realize the full extent of Rich’s guilt, but then again, Rich wasn’t exactly hiding- he was on the FBI’s top 10 most wanted list!  Rich was associated with BCCI, aka “the Bank of Crooks and Criminals,” and made illegal oil deals with Iran at the time of the Iranian hostage crisis. Rich appears to have purchased his pardon with a $450,000 gift to the Clinton Library and a $70,000 contribution to Hillary’s senate campaign.  Sweet.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was the principal architect of the 9/11 attacks. His interrogation by the CIA, including waterboarding, led to the extraction of critically valuable information that helped thwart several attacks. One of the plots involved flying a jetliner into the “Library Tower” in Los Angeles. Names and addresses of several al Qaeda terrorists working in the U.S. and Europe were successfully collected.

It’s hard to imagine the moral confusion of someone like Holder who thinks it’s more important to prosecute the saviors of America’s security than those who mean us harm.   But then again, there are those on the Left who think America itself is the focus of all evil in the world.  

In 2003, Holder worked for the Covington and Burling law firm that gave free representation to 16 detainees at Guantanamo. The documents from that case will necessarily reveal “witnesses” who are clandestine CIA agents working for our protection.  It’s time to ask President Obama which side he is on.

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