Family of LaFollette Animal Control officer bring complaints

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By Natasha LaFayette



Eager to be heard, LaFollette resident Sue Foust approached the LaFollette Council on Tuesday night about allegations made in a prior workshop.

“The girl come in here and she just blatantly told a bunch of lies,” said Foust about the comments made by Christine Chase at last week’s council workshop. “She said that our dogs run amuck all over the neighborhood and they’ve never been picked up because of the relationship. They have not because nobody has ever complained about our dogs.”

Foust said she was very upset about both the comments made by Chase during the prior meeting and the fact that City Administrator David Young helped return her dog to her.

Though Chase was not at the meeting on Tuesday night, she did appear before the council last Tuesday, pleading with them to have her dog returned.

“David Young returned the dog back to the woman even though it had been deemed vicious,” said Sue Foust about the dog taken to the Campbell County Animal Shelter for allegedly attacking another dog.

LaFollette Animal Control Officer Stan Foust also spoke to the council and audience about Chase’s dog being portrayed as a lap dog. Chase’s dog is a large breed dog that attacked Stan Foust’s dog, according to Foust.

“We are to protect the citizens of the county and the city,” said Stan Foust of his and County Animal Control Officer Otis Poore’s job responsibilities.

Young said he did not release the dog, but an agreement was verbally made about removing the dog from the neighborhood or to have the dog confined to the owner’s yard.

Neighbor JoAnn Sharp said she witnessed the dog in the neighborhood being walked on a leash.

After the meeting both Poore and Animal Shelter Director Betty Crumley said the dog was vicious.

While Chase previously said her dog was well tempered, all the witnesses at the meeting who are related to Foust or work with him said the dog was dangerous.