FCCA seeks short term fosters

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By Beth Braden

Friends of Campbell County Animals could use all the help they could get.

“We really need puppy fosters,” said group president Michelle Davis.

One of FCCA’s many operations is to transport unwanted animals to northern states for adoptions. Before a pet can cross state lines, it must be vaccinated. 

“To put them on these transports they have to have two sets of shots. We give them one right away and then come back in two weeks and give them the other,” she said.

The fosters are needed to care for the dogs during that two-week period. Those interested must have a reference from a veterinarian and submit to a home visit by a representative from FCCA. There is an also an application to fill out.

“You don’t have to have a fenced in yard as long as you’re willing to walk the dog on a leash or an appropriate place to keep the animal. You’d have to get this approved with your landlord if you rent,” Davis said.

Potential fosters can also specify how many dogs they could care for, as well as the breed.

It is okay to bring in a foster pet even if there are already other pets in the home, Davis said.

The group helps to build a large group of fosters who are available for the short-term stays, but also longer stays that could last up to 30 days.

“The bigger the foster program, the better success rate we will have,” she said.

Those interested can contact Michelle Davis or Terri Woodward at 912-0178 or 201-0795.

“Usually people really enjoy fostering,” she said.