Festival honoring Armstrong is Saturday

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The Campbell Culture Coalition will host the sixth annual Louie Bluie Music and Arts Festival this Saturday at Cove Lake State Park.

Festivalgoers will enjoy quality music, arts and crafts, a quilt show and an art show, festival spokesperson Lisa McCloud said.

“In general, it’s going to be pretty familiar for people who’ve been there before,” McCloud said. “The general, overall feel for the festival should be pretty comfortable, pretty relaxed for people who’ve been there before. I think it will be fun. I think it will be relaxed.”

Festivalgoers are encouraged to bring acoustic instruments so they can participate in jam sessions during the concert.

“It should be a great day,” McCloud said. “We’re hoping for good weather.”

Different vendors and musical performers will provide a variety of food and music to create a diverse atmosphere. This will allow people to find something they will like, McCloud said.

About eight food vendors will be located close to the lake. They will sell funnel cakes, deep-fried Twinkies and Oreos, cotton candy, chicken and dumplings, catfish and hushpuppies, ribs, veggie wraps and chili and chips.

“It will be both comfortable and maybe something you love to eat but don’t get all the time,” McCloud said.

There will be about 15 arts and crafts vendors in the crafts village, located closer to the pavilion, between the stages. Fabric vendors will sell pillows, quilts, purses, rugs, wallets and knit and crocheted items. Vendors will also sell wooden crafts, such as toys and games.

During the festival, a booth will be given the “best decorated” award, which is new this year.

Vendors are mostly regional this year, McCloud said.

“The majority of people are from Campbell County,” McCloud said. “But there are some people from the East Tennessee region.”

Last year, vendors were surprised when they received sales tax forms on festival day. The week of the festival last year, the Tennessee Department of Revenue approached the CCC about distributing sales tax forms to vendors.

“We didn’t have time to notify anybody,” festival organizer Jocelyn Griffo said.

To avoid any misunderstandings this year, all vendors received information when they applied.

“That information was on the application for them,” Griffo said.

The information informed the vendors they might be contacted by the TDOR. Should the TDOR seek to distribute sales tax forms to vendors, the vendors are responsible to the TDOR.

 “So far we haven’t heard from them,” Griffo said.

The quilt show will be held in the pavilion.

“They are pieces of fabric art,” Griffo said. “The way they are making them today, it is art.”

Entries into the quilt show were brought to the Quilt Patch Wednesday. Quilters paid $5 for every quilt they entered into the contest.

The quilts will be judged today, and transported to the pavilion at Cove Lake State Park tomorrow, where they will be displayed during the festival. Entries will receive scored critiques from judges. Winners will receive ribbons, and there will be a best of show.

The size categories are based on the length of the four sides of the quilts. The three size categories are large, over 300 inches, mid-size, 144 inches to 299 inches and small, under 144 inches.

Sub categories within the size categories have to do with the technique used to make the quilts. These categories are: pieced, hand pieced and hand quilted, mixed techniques, group, quilt for hire and hors concour.

The Louie Bluie Festival will open at 11 a.m. and close at 7 p.m.

While no admission will be charged, families are asked to donate $5 and individuals are asked to donate $2. All money donated at the gate will help the Campbell Culture Coalition pay for Louie Bluie Festival expenses.

The festival organizers will begin setting up on Friday, and vendors will set up Saturday morning, McCloud said.