Fight school to open in Campbell County

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By Charlotte Underwood

The bad boys are coming to town.

Seasoned fight promoter Charles Headley is starting a fight school in Woodson’s Mall.

Headley said Bad Boy Promotions, LLC should be up and running by the end of February.

He plans not only for a fight school, but an expo center as well.

“I plan on leasing the old Hall’s Salvage area to host the fights, as well as motorcycle and car shows, powwows and concerts,” Headley said.

He plans on calling it LaFollette Expo.

Though he has only been in the county for three months, the Washington, D.C. native said he is feeling at home in Habersham, which is where his mother is from.

Headley said he always wrestled with his dad growing up, and that is what started his interest in mixed martial arts (MMA), boxing and fight promoting.

“My dad used to bar fight as a young man, and that’s really what got me started,” Headley said.

The fight school will offer training in four different systems: Koken Rue Jiu-jitsu, Combat Jujitsu, Yoshin Ryu Jujutsu and Yositsune Jujitsu.

Headley has 10 years of fight promoter experience and 20 years martial arts experience.

“I hope to give the young people some constructive things to do other than drugs and alcohol,” he said.

Headley said he plans to have an after school program at the fight school where kids can come to after school, do their homework, train and then go home. He also said there is no age limit on those who wish to attend the school and both girls and boys are accepted.

It is $30 a month or $100 for a six-month contract. However, Headley is offering specials for those who sign up early.

Headley, along with his brother, Ricky Pitcock, plan on holding a fight seminar on Feb. 27 in Woodson’s Mall. It is a seminar based on practical self-defense and the cost is $20. The brothers have over 55 years martial arts experience between them.

For more information about enrolling in fight school or attending the seminar, contact Headley at 784-7032, or visit www.badboypromotionsllc.com.