Finding time to find myself

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By Melissa Indelicato

The summer before college sounds like it could get pretty wild.

It’s really the last chance you have to wreak havoc in your hometown and not take on full “adult-like” responsibility for those actions, especially if you’re under 18. Even though by this time you have graduated and have allegedly earned more respect; most people are left to think that some people just never grow up.

But really we don’t need to play grown-up quite yet; we’re still riding the evolutionary train down the road of expectations paved by all those demanding voices we’ve heard from parents, teachers, and counselors for many years. Truth is, at this point life has never seemed so confusing.

So this summer I decided it was time to try something new—something I deemed productive. Although, I was already working at Kyoto Express when I was offered the internship at the LaFollette Press, I knew I had to make room in my schedule for the second job.

When I joined the team as a reporter I was ready to be cracked out of my shell and thrown directly into the line of fire. But instead, I found a balance within the safety of that shell. A first-hand account isn’t always the best; sometimes standing ringside will get you more information than if you were participating in the event yourself.

Most importantly, there was this whole other world going on around me I never even knew about. But once I put my needs aside, started thinking of the impacts certain actions have on the whole community and simply opened my eyes is when truth and reason started pouring in solely from other people’s experiences.

Everyday I find I’m asking myself, ”Does this really have to be a part of growing up? And what’s it going to matter anyway?” But the most important thing I remind myself is that the experience does count and is more than likely shaping my future so as to test whether or not I’ve learned anything.

I haven’t been running wild this summer, nor have I had the free-time most of my peers are enjoying at this point.

But I am progressing toward my goals and shaping my imaginative outlooks with very pragmatic tactics.

If my experience gained through working at the LaFollette Press taught me anything it had to be that every day is a new story with a clean page, and hopefully with a fresher outlook than yesterday’s.

On the underside of the sun it is cold

it is stale and getting old.

Although, I am not certain; I’m sure I was once told

of eternal light; warmth filled with silver and gold.

I cry for it now; I need something to hold.

Make if feel forever lovely and bold

Make it real for it is mine and mine to mold

Behold Love.