Five Questions for Rep. Lincoln Davis on Healthcare Reform

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By Josh Parker

Over the last few weeks, town hall meetings have turned into demonstrations against President Obama’s nationalized healthcare reform proposals. From every corner of America, citizens are standing up to their elected leaders and expressing frustration at the role of the federal government. In fact, it’s been so intense that some elected officials have cancelled town hall meetings or not had them at all.  

Give Lincoln Davis credit. He’s in the process of holding a series of town hall meetings around his district this August and will host one of the last ones here in Campbell County Aug. 21. The meeting will be held at the Campbell County Courthouse at 2 p.m. These are serious times in our country and a serious, respectful conversation needs to occur on how we feel about the direction our country is going. I would submit five questions that I feel should be asked and answered by Congressman Lincoln Davis regarding healthcare reform.

The first question I would submit is this: If a government-run option does pass Congress and is signed by President Obama, will you drop out of the Congressional healthcare plan and enroll in the government plan?  To me, if it’s good enough for Congress to impose on the American people then it should be good enough for members of Congress to leave their lavish healthcare plan and enroll in the government bureaucracy they are imposing. I assume that if Democrats want government bureaucrats deciding on what types of healthcare and treatments are good for me and my family, then surely they would want the same bureaucrat deciding their type of healthcare and treatment too, right?  Yeah, I doubt it too.

My second question would be about the cost of the bill.  Will you vote for a bill that will add billions of dollars to the national deficit? The current budget projections from the Congressional Budget Office show that the current nationalized health care plan will add approximately $240 billion dollars over the next 10 years.  Is that your idea of healthcare reform? This bill would break the back of my generation debt wise. Of course, with that Congressional healthcare, what’s to worry right?

My third question involves the tactics of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.  In recent weeks, both Pelosi and Reid have called Americans who have been protesting the healthcare reform bill an ‘angry mob’ and ‘Un-American.’ Do you support those statements? Are constituents in your district that are vehemently opposed to nationalized healthcare ‘Un-American’ or part of some ‘angry mob’? Will you publicly rebuke the leaders of your party for saying such things?

The fourth question deals with government paid abortion. Will you support a bill that will use taxpayer dollars to fund abortions?  I would hope your campaign rhetoric on this issue matches your vote in Washington.

The fifth question is, in my opinion, perhaps the easiest. Will you pledge to every constituent in Campbell County and in the 4th Congressional district that you will read the bill before you actually vote on it? I’m not talking about reading a three page bill summary I’m talking about reading the whole bill from the beginning to the end. Surely this request isn’t that hard. It’s your job. You have to know what you vote on. You can’t simply take someone else’s word for it.  

These questions are pretty straightforward and questions that need to be answered by our elected officials. The healthcare bill currently pending before Congress could impact my generation more than any other legislation has impacted any other generation. I hope Congressman Davis takes the concerns of his constituents back to Washington, D.C. and let his Democratic leaders and colleagues know that Tennesseans are overwhelmingly opposed to nationalized healthcare.  After all, Tennessee knows something about the troubles of government-run healthcare.         

Feel free to contact Josh Parker at josh222@hotmail.com