Fourteen years of probation handed down in meth cases

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By Susan Sharp

With a multitude of charges to answer for, Jamie Brent McCarty appeared in criminal court on Tuesday.
His charges dated back a year and included multiple crimes related to methamphetamine.
After admitting his guilt to the crimes McCarty was placed on probation for 14 years. He was also ordered to pay $4,810.50 in court costs. Along with this there was a $7,500 forfeiture entered in his case, according to court records.
Of two of three occasions where McCarty was arrested, LaFollette Police conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle he was driving. Each time police found meth either in its finished form or items used in its production, according to police records. In the course of one of the arrests, McCarty incurred more charges once he arrived at the jail. It was there that he was found to still be in possession of a container that held eight bags of a white powder police believed to be meth, a pill identified as oxycontin and hand rolled cigarettes thought to be made of marijuana.
McCarty’s third arrest came when officers with the sheriff’s department searched his Coolidge Ridge home. It was there that they found two meth cooks in process, police reports said.