Future planning

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Cougars host summer camp for future players

By Chris Cannon

JACKSBORO—The future of the Campbell County High School basketball team is already getting a chance to take to the courts inside John R.W. Brown Gymnasium.

This week, more than 45 boys showed up to take part in the annual Cougar camp hosted by the Campbell County Cougars.

For head coach Matt Housley, it’s a chance to see what’s coming through the ranks, while giving the kids an opportunity to see a glimpse of what the program is all about.

“It’s good to just see what we have coming up,” Housley said. “I can kind of see what we have back in elementary school and middle school. Probably the best thing about it is it’s a chance to get them around our program and see our facilities. They get a chance to work with and learn some from our older guys.”

The head coach said in just three days, he can see numerous younger children becoming closer with the Cougar players.

“Just in the past few days, I’ve been able to see some of the kids take to one of our players, whether it’s Darrin, Seth, Dallas or whoever,” he said. They just look up to them. The guys I have on my team right now are really good role models. There’s a really good group in middle school right now, and there’s a really good group in elementary school right now. All these kids, hopefully, we’ll have a chance for them to be up here, and we can keep them in county. These kids at the high school right now is a really good young bunch. It’s exciting to see what we have coming up.”

With many of the high school’s players — freshmen included — teaching the camp, Housley said it’s not all about passing on their knowledge.

Instead, the purpose is a dual one — helping his players, as well.

“They’re out there to teach and to get to know the kids and develop relationships, but it’s also good for our kids to go through that,” he said. “The best way for our kids to learn it is for them to teach it to someone else. That helps their understanding. It’s just an all-around win-win for everybody. Our kids are getting advantages from it, just as much as the campers are.”