Gaylor trial slated for next week

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By Susan Sharp

Travis Gaylor may soon see what his future holds.

His trial in Jonathan Pierce’s homicide case is slated to begin next week. Gaylor is the second of three defendants to answer for his alleged part in Pierce’s 2006 death.

His half-sister and co- defendant, Miranda Kirby, was convicted last year for her involvement in the crime. She was sentenced to life behind bars but has appealed her conviction.

While Gaylor’s attorney Steve Sams had previously indicated he might attempt a last minute motion to test his client’s mental capacity, this has not postponed the proceedings.

“The case is still set for trial next week,” Criminal Court Judge Shayne Sexton said on Tuesday.

At a hearing earlier this month Sams argued a number of motions including one asking for the trial to be moved from Campbell County. Sexton said he would not immediately issue a ruling but would take that motion under advisement. Sexton then told Sams he believed a local jury could try the case.

Sams also attempted to have any statements Gaylor made to police excluded. He said Gaylor lacked the intelligence to comprehend what was going on when police held multiple interrogations with him.  Sexton overruled that request as well.

In 2006, Pierce was found dead in the bed of his Chevrolet truck. The truck had been rolled off the side of Caryville Mountain, police reports said.

An autopsy later revealed that a single blow to Pierce’s head had killed him.

During Kirby’s trial, she implicated Sammy Miracle, the third defendant, as the person who delivered the fatal blow.

His trial has yet to be scheduled.