Gitmo Bay ee" Water Boarding and Fun in the Sun

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By Dennis Powers

We should all thank Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi for supporting the enhanced interrogation techniques that have been used at Guantanamo Bay that may have saved thousands of American lives.

You have probably heard her mention how she supports President Obama on shutting down the Gitmo Detention Center and how she thinks water boarding is torture, when in fact, she was the ranking Democrat on the House Select Committee on Intelligence and sat in on the sessions that detailed interrogation and approved techniques for use on suspected Al-Qaeda members.

Pelosi could have a filed a formal complaint against water boarding as her successor on the panel, Congresswoman Jane Harman, did, but she chose not to do so.  

In fact, the Washington Post reported that Senators and Representatives who attended the meetings were supportive of the measures and that one member, reported to be Pelosi, asked the CIA officials if the measures were “tough enough?”

It seems, with the Liberals now in control, they want to have their government cheese and eat it too.  

While shutting down Gitmo, trying the prisoners represented by the ACLU in American courts and releasing them into neighborhoods if they are found innocent may seem like a good idea, Obama is having a difficult time finding jobs for them as community organizers.

And how transparent it is to release of those CIA documents that detail the interrogation techniques?

I’m sure the documents disclosing how many plots were thwarted and the projection of American lives that were saved are the next to be released.

There is no evidence that water boarding has caused one death. So, zero percent have died from water boarding while Al Qaeda uses the popular beheading, which to date, has a 100- percent death rate.  

So, while Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the alleged mastermind of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks will get to testify about his water boarding, reporter Daniel Pearl has been silenced forever.

The Washington Post also reported that the technique had been used on only three detainees. If the Obama administration wanted to terminate it, they could have done so quietly and discreetly and that would be the end of it.

So, why did they announce it and make such a big uproar about it?


It’s a fulfilled campaign promise and bowing to the demands of the Left. Obama once said he had no intention to prosecute any former administration officials for any alleged crimes, but the Left along with George Soros, is crying for blood and Obama is listening.

In an April 17 Associated Press story regarding Obama’s decision, it was titled, “Those who tortured won’t be prosecuted” even though the word torture was never used in the article- that seems fair and balanced.

Obama and his administration are now open to the possibility of going after Bush and his administration. They’ve blamed everything else on Bush, so why stop now?  

After all, Obama said he wanted to spend the next four to 10,yes, 10 years conveying hope and change.  What better way to convey it than giving the Left what they want.

Also, the BBC reported that there have been at least four detainee suicides and hundreds of other attempts. It’s just hard to imagine that suicide bombers would attempt suicide.  Crazy world, isn’t it?

We should also be thankful we have stopped calling the bad guys such degrading names as “enemy combatants.” According to our brilliant DHS Secretary who thought the 9-11 terrorists came across the Canadian border, we will now call their actions “man-made disasters.”  

We will also no longer refer to it as “the war on terror,” but as the “overseas contingency plan.”  Using all those humiliating names must have been torture enough.

I can’t think of anyone who wants to see people tortured other than ruthless dictators, terrorists and those who want socialized medicine.

Our intelligence community, military, CIA and other officials should not be subjected to possible prosecution for following orders that were initially authorized by Congress.  The orders were carried out to save thousands of Americans - not to torture individuals for the pleasure of ruthless dictators.

However, several questions still remain.

Where do we send these detainees that no one wants?  What should the military do when they are placed in a situation of capture or kill?

And the biggest question - what would you do to someone if you knew you could save the lives of thousands of Americans?  Think Jack Bauer.

Dennis Powers is a conservative columnist and his columns are found in BackyardPolitics.org and OnTheRightTrackOnline.blogspot.com and On The Right Track Network on Facebook.  Send your comments to DennisHPowers@Comcast.net or mail them to POB 179, Jacksboro, TN 37757.