A Good Resource for Students

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Harry Chitwood Jellico High School Principal

When students become juniors or seniors in high school they are faced with many decisions about their future. An excellent place to find information to help students with these decisions is a free state website at www.CollegeFortn.org. This site allows students to login and create an account that gives them information on preparing for college, the Tennessee Educational Lottery Scholarship (HOPE), jobs, and careers. Students can take an interest survey that will generate a list of careers the individual shows interest in based on the answers to the survey questions. The site has a skills survey that will create a list of jobs and careers that the student is capable of undertaking based on their answer to the survey questions. The site also gives the student the names of schools that offer programs of study for the particular career that they are interested in and scholarships that are available. At the end of their junior year they can do a job search that gives a list of jobs available and even summer jobs. It helps students create a resume and will even send their resume to the companies on the list generated by the job search.  The program will give information on the average annual salary for the job or career and number of positions available. Students can research any college in the state of Tennessee showing the programs offered, tuition and demographics of the school. 

CollegeFortn also has a direct link to FAFSA, the form that all students are required to complete before entering college or a tech center. It also has information for parents that will enable them to help the student with college and careers. This site gives students a vast amount of information to help them make these difficult decisions about their future after high school and the information is free.