Grand juy indicts Owens and Winnie

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By Jennifer Caldwell


  The grand jury returned indictments on two LaFollette men for meth related charges.

The seven count indictment is the result of a June incident in which Anthony C. Winnie and Dale O. Chapman were arrested on meth related charges.

In the indictment the grand jury found that Winnie and Chapmen had unlawfully, feloniously, intentionally, knowingly and recklessly purchased items that could be used in the manufacture of methamphetamine.

At the time of the June 6 arrests LaFollette Police Offers were working on information provided by a concerned citizen officers began searching for 1994 Honda, according to LPD reports.

When the vehicle was spotted at a Beech Street gas station, Dale Owen Chapman, 22, 231 Cave Springs Road, LaFollette was driving.

However, as his passengers, Anthony Craig Winnie and Jimmy Presnell, Jr., saw the police, they chose not to stick around.

While Officers Jason Marlow, Joe Brown and Robert Higginbotham pursued that duo, Officer John Baker questioned Chapman.

Inside the Honda, Baker allegedly located items used to produce meth, the arrest report said.

This prompted him to call for assistance from the LPD’s meth team.

Through this seizure and investigation, it was learned the rest of the lab was at a location near the water treatment plant on Pleasant Ridge Road.

Inside the small rock well house, officers allegedly found the remaining parts of the lab.

Stashed inside the small square building was evidence of a large lab, according to Det. Sgt. Jason Henegar said at the time.

In addition, Winnie was also indicted on charges related to a June 8 incident.

According to the indictment, at that time Winnie unlawfully possessed cocaine and assumed a false identity in an effort to defraud LaFollette Police Officer William Owens.