Greene to compete in Australia

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CCHS senior looks to make statement in javelin, 300-meter hurdles

By Chris Cannon


Tyler Greene, Campbell County High School’s record holder in the javelin throw, is looking to take his talents to new areas.

The senior track and field participant is traveling to Australia this summer in hopes of making his name in the javelin and 300-meter hurdles.

“That’s a great opportunity for Tyler,” coach Anne Browning said. “To have an opportunity to travel somewhere else and compete against kids from literally all over the world, I think it’ll be a tremendous experience.”

That experience comes through Down Under Sports.

The organization was formed in 1989 in order to bridge cultural and educations gaps. Student athletes between the ages of 14 and 19 have the opportunity to participate in sporting events in Australia, New Zealand or Hawaii.

For Greene, however, he’s got mixed emotions about the trip.

“It’s crazy how fast things go and how things change over the years,” he said. “I’m really looking forward to being able to go. It’s one of those things that’s a love-hate kind of thing. You love to do it, but you hate to go so far away. I think it’ll be fun, and I’d love to be able to go and represent Campbell County.”

This summer, the senior will travel to the land down under for a three-day competition beginning on July 5.

However, with a time difference of 15 hours, he’s going over a little early.

“I’ll be going for a week and two days, I think,” Greene said. “The reason I have to go over so early is because it’s such a time difference between here and there. They want me to get over there so I can get adjusted and know my surroundings.”

While the 15 hour difference will take its toll, Browning said Greene will have a chance to shine.

“I’m excited for him to go,” she said. “Tyler shines at the javelin throw, so I think he’ll have an opportunity to do well there.”

For Campbell County, Greene has already proven he’s a great javelin thrower.

He holds the high school’s top throw with a 141.6-foot hurl, while he also holds the record at the meet it was thrown in.

Greene also holds top throwing honors as a sophomore and junior in the state of Tennessee.

However, Campbell County doesn’t offer the javelin in track season due to safety risks.

“That’s where Tyler has gone out on his own in the summers and practiced and joined Knoxville Track Club, which is now the Knoxville Youth Athletics Association,” Browning said. “He’s spent a lot of time on his own. It’s just something he sort of stumbled into and has an affinity for. It’s something different, so it does give him a chance to do something that not everybody can do. He’s done very well at that.”

However, Greene wasn’t planning on throwing the javelin.

An injury during his early high school years steered him toward the throwing event.

“The whole reason I even got started in it was because my freshman year, I trained for two years straight, indoor and outdoor,” he said. “I stress fractured my ankle. They told me I couldn’t do any running. The javelin was over there, and they said, ‘Why don’t you jump in here?’ It’s just been going strong ever since.”

For Greene, the most difficult part will be the 300 hurdles.

Having only ran the even for two years, this being his third, he said he’ll have to work to get prepared.

“Having to run with all of those people, their really experienced in it,” he said. “I just started the 300 hurdles my sophomore year. I just have to be able to adjust. It’ll be tough.”

“I think he’ll rise to the occasion,” Browning said.