Gregg sues; claims discrimination

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By Susan Sharp

A one time city of LaFollette employee has filed suit claiming he is the victim of discrimination.

On Monday, Gary “Wayne” Gregg filed the $500,000 lawsuit in circuit court claiming that when he attempted to return to work following his medical leave, he no longer had a job. Gregg is alleging the city discriminated against him because of his age and handicap. In the course of his employment with the city, Gregg says he has incurred injuries to his legs, back, other extremities and his hearing.

At the time, he was placed on leave Gregg was the city’s codes enforcement officer; prior to that, he worked as a firefighter.

During his medical leave the 58- year- old Gregg underwent back surgery eventually being cleared for work with restrictions.

On Nov. 18 and again the next day, Gregg attempted to return to work with the city, his filing says. However, on Nov. 19, acting city administrator Terry Sweat, told Gregg his “position was no longer available,” according to court records. After this Gregg said he learned the money used to fund his position had been “deleted from the budget adopted” by the city.

As the filing continues, Gregg says that younger individuals who don’t have handicaps are now working in his position. He alleges that his age and health issues were a “motivating factor” when the city refused to allow him to return to work. This has become a “pattern of active discrimination” engaged in by the city, Gregg’s filing says.

 In the meantime, because a physician cleared him to work, Gregg has lost his disability payments.

The denial of a job has caused Gregg to sustain damages not only to his finances but also to his emotional health, according to the filing.

While he is asking for damages, Gregg also wants his job back. If that can’t be done he wants the court to award him back and front pay.  

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