Hampton Inn holds "Cash for College" sweepstakes

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By Charlotte Underwood

The Hampton Inn in Caryville is holding a “Cash for College” sweepstakes to help parents with college tuition.

With tuition costs continually on the rise for both private and public institutions, Hapton Inn’s “Cash for College” sweepstakes could provide a welcome break for parents.

Parents traveling on the road to pick the perfect college for their prospective students will have a chance to win $5,000towards tuition when staying at Hampton Inn.

“I think it’s a wonderful promotion, not only for Hampton, but for all the young people out there,” said Sherry Muse, general manager of Hampton Inn.

From now until Dec. 7, when parents book a stay online at www.hampton.com/collegetours will automatically be entered to win one of the two $5,000 grand prizes which can be applied to the cost of college tuition. Simply, book a stay online and enter the promotion code CAMPUS. The first lucky winner will be announced in September and the second winner will be announced in December.

“We know selecting a university is a very thrilling time for the family and that the looming costs of higher education can be daunting to parents,” Muse said. “I have nieces and nephews in college and I know what $5,000 would mean to them.”

The promotion may help the local economy out as well since the promotion could “steer people our way”, according to Muse. Travelers would then spend money in the area, creating a trickle effect.

“It’s a piece of pie we can give everybody,” Muse said.

The money can be used towards tuition, room and board, books, and other college costs.