Heroes are everywhere

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By Jason Bolton

Major League pitcher Bill Lee once said, “Society tends to find its heroes in the most obvious arenas, and I don't regard that as a healthy thing. We should find our heroes in the bathroom mirror each and every morning.”

When you were in school, who did you see as a hero? Was it the captain of the football team? Was it a cheerleader? Perhaps, it was one of the popular young people whose very presence radiated a room?  

When I was a kid growing up, my heroes were quite different.

I wasn’t a jock so I couldn’t relate to any of the kids in athletics. Also, I didn’t look up to the kids that had tremendous school spirit, because I was very quiet.

You’re probably asking yourself, what’s the point of this week’s story?     

This past week, I was flipping through the channels and noticed a show called Home-Town Heroes. It was a show that highlighted the achievements and sacrifices of various high school students. It seemed very interesting until I realized it was only to celebrate those who play sports.

Don’t get me wrong. I admire anyone who can win a school game and achieve their dreams. To those of you, I applaud you and encourage you to keep up the good work.

However, what about those other young achievers?

Those who do a good in the community that we never hear anything about? Those who sit with the elderly, help out with charities, or overcome adversity.

To me, real heroes are the ones who get picked on in school, yet remain strong and refuse to give into the pressure of their peers. They are also the ones who are different and don’t necessarily fit in with the in-crowd, but still march to a beat all their own.  

To me, these young people are not just mere simpletons. They’re fledglings with secret talents and abilities the world might’ve not taken notice of before, but one day soon they’ll shock a great big world.

To the skeptic, I know it might sound odd or make some of you shudder to think that your average bookworm or backwards-acting wannabe could possibly do great things one day.

Don’t be surprised, my dear readers, if the one you least likely expected to succeed in life decides to prove everyone wrong.

Heroes are everywhere, indeed, and they’re coming to a comfort zone near you.