Hobo dinner set to benefit LaFollette Library

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By Natasha LaFayette

The Friends of the Library are not setting out to feed the hungry with a hobo dinner on April 5. Instead they are setting out to make some money for the building of a new LaFollette Library.

Eunice Reynolds, Friends of the Library board secretary, expects a large turnout at the dinner because so many people stand to benefit from a new library, she said.

The dinner, offered from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. in the cafeteria of the new LaFollette Elementary School, will offer a full meal of country cooking.

With only $6 for a ticket, those supporting the library will walk away with full bellies from the pinto beans, corn bread, cole slaw, peach cobbler and drink provided.

The dinners will be packaged and ready for carry out or an evening out, said Reynolds.

With the Friends of the Library hosting fundraisers and money being set aside by the city of LaFollette, Reynolds said she hopes the community will also support the building of a new library.

Library directors in Jacksboro, Caryville and Jellico are also helping to sell tickets and support LaFollette in its goal of creating a state of the art library facility.

“We are encouraging people to make donations above the price for food tickets,” said Reynolds.

With the support of the county, city and other libraries, Reynolds said the Friends of the Library are exhausting every effort to find resources.

“We are full speed ahead and very intent on this project,” said Reynolds. “We are really fully intent on being a state of the art facility for the early ages and the elderly.”

A new library holds endless possibilities for the members of the Friends of the Library, said Reynolds.

“We imagine a lot of good things in the library,” she said. “Maybe even a healthcare information section.”

Reynolds along with Jerry Sharp, Connie Pelizzari, Joy Robinson, Mary Pat Carr, Jocelyn Griffo, Clyde Green, John Kesterson and Nona Freeman are members of the Friends of the Library. However, they are devoting many hours toward the LaFollette Library and seeing it grow.

“The library is the hub of every community and you can tell a lot about a community from its library,” said Reynolds about understanding an area by the people who frequent the public bookshelves and the ideas and interest represented there.

The proceeds from the hobo dinner will go to benefit the LaFollette Public Library building fund. And those interested in taking a break from Sunday cooking can sit back and relax for a good cause, said Reynolds.

Tickets are available early at any public library in Campbell County as well as the LaFollette Historic Museum.

For more information about the dinner contact Library Director Nancy Green at 562-5154.

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