Holiday is over but where is the respect?

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By JE Bolton

Former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Ezra Taft Benson once said, “God help us to be grateful for our blessings, never to be guilty of the sin of ingratitude, and to instill this same gratitude into the lives of our children. Someone has said that an ungrateful man is like a hog under a tree eating apples and never looking up to see where they come from.”

This week’s story comes from something that caught my eye as I was checking my email.

It was a video clip of a gentleman dressed in the American Flag and singing our National Anthem in a way that did nothing but demean this country. Oddly enough, it wasn’t the anti-American pun coming from the man that caught my attention. It was the people laughing and thinking it was the funniest thing they’d ever seen. The bad part was that they were everyday American citizens.

This is merely something to ponder on, yet it affected me in a tremendous way. I couldn’t help but wonder if maybe the reason this country isn’t progressing is because we take the sacrifices our soldiers made, and everything this country was founded on, so lightly.

For example, a few years ago, a gentleman wanted to changed our country’s Pledge of Allegiance simply because it contained the words, “under God.” He was an Atheist and felt those words made him uncomfortable. In some countries, if a citizen attempts to change they‘re pledge of allegiance, they’re considered a traitor and are even worthy of death.

Yet, some of us treat national anthems and pledges like they’re just no big deal.

Think about those innocent men and women who are either resting in peace or are overseas fighting for their lives so we don’t have to fight for ours. They fight so we can have a Pledge of Allegiance and a National Anthem; yet some of us laugh along with someone who mocks something so precious.

Never be ashamed of who you are and be proud of your heritage.

It was bought with blood.

Never scoff or joke about the National Anthem or Pledge.

It was bought with freedom.

Most of all, never forget that things may not be what we want them to be, but thank God that in many ways we have more than most.