Huckaby sentenced to prison for meth crimes

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By Susan Sharp

It only took Michael Todd Huckaby four months to rack up nearly 20 meth related charges late last year. However, it is going to take him over 20 times longer to pay for those crimes.

On Monday Huckaby, who was still being held in jail after his last arrest, appeared in court.

After entering his guilty plea to a majority of the crimes Huckaby waived the opportunity for a presentencing investigation to be conducted on his behalf.

Criminal Court Judge Shayne Sexton then sentenced the meth cook to seven years in prison. Along with this, Huckaby had $8,500 in fines levied on him, according to the plea agreement.

Huckaby’s run in with law enforcement began early last fall when the LaFollette Police investigated and found a lab near the home Huckaby was living in. His parents and two small children had been there as well.

Within weeks, Huckaby was arrested again when he was in a truck that was stopped for a traffic violation. Inside, police found numerous ingredients used to produce meth, the arrest warrant said.

But, it didn’t stop there for the 29 –year- old.

Among the other times he was arrested, Huckaby was again a casualty of a traffic stop.

This time the LPD executed a traffic stop for a broken taillight.

During this episode LPD officers not only found the essentials needed to cook meth, Huckaby had “several oval white pills” in his possession, according to the arrest report. As police searched him the tablets began falling to the ground.

During the course of this arrest, Huckaby pushed his luck even further.

After being placed in an LPD cruiser he attempted to hide pills and a syringe in the vehicle, the arrest report said.