I really hate snow!

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By Susan Sharp

My fellow journalists Jennifer Caldwell and Charlotte Underwood have pounded out columns this year sharing their new found enthusiasm for snow. I suppose I could follow suit.

But, I won’t.

Nope not me.

I have enough of this white powdery, slushy stuff to last me at least the next 10 winters.

That’s right. I am going on record- I can't stand snow.

You might question why I detest the stuff that brings squeals of delight from children upon the news school has been cancelled? Why do I loathe the white blanket that occasionally makes for a great front page picture?

I am not sure.

I could spin some yarn about trekking to the barn in knee deep snow to feed the cattle and freezing to death in the process. I guess I could further throw in that it was uphill both ways to the barn and on one occasion my dad ran over me with hay trailer when I slipped under it because of snow. But that is not why I dislike snow. In fact, those trips to the barn were some of the best times we spent as a family. Yes, the snow was wet, slushy and in some places, it was a really strange color. But again that has nothing to do with my aversion to the stuff.

I have yet to incur a terrible traffic accident because of snow.

In fact, most of my driving in snow stories have a touch of humor. They also generally involve some guy standing in the middle of the road telling me I can’t go any further as I pass by him grinning. Or another guy telling me there is no way I am “coming out that ditch” as I fill his face with snow from under my tires.

I love to watch my children play in the snow. Their enjoyment of snow makes me want to jump out there with them.

Then I remember –I really really don’t like snow

Maybe I don’t like snow because it cooperates with no one. That darn, and trust me that is not the word I usually use, stuff has a mind of its own.

Snow shows up when it wants, stays as long as it wants to and pretty much runs the show while it sticks around- kind of like an unexpected houseguest.