Inmate ministry program a saving grace

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 To the editor: 

My daughter is one of the volunteer leaders who was mentioned in the article about the women’s jail ministry. Therefore, I have had the opportunity to visit this jail ministry first hand. By the grace of God, I have never had to face what a lot of these women are facing. Rightly so, they are paying for crimes they have committed, however, they are more than inmates serving time. Above all else they are children of God just like you and I.

After reading this article it made me start examining my own life. Have I ever exchanged my soul for something? Unfortunately, this does not have to be a one-time occurrence; we can exchange our souls many times throughout our lives. It is easy for us to separate ourselves from these women serving time, but we also have to realize we do not have to be in a jail surrounded by four walls, we can be in a jail right where we are.

It was shared that some had exchanged their souls for sex, money, food, dignity—even their children. Now is it any better that we may have exchanged our souls for jobs, position, power, even something so seemly innocent as addictions to our children’s sports? Anything that we put above God is where our heart is.

The article referenced that it was good news for the inmates that the thief who was hanging on a cross next to Jesus was saved. It is not only good news for the inmates, it is good news for us all.


Doris Stanfield