Investigation led to arrest

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By Natasha LaFayette



A month long investigation, which started with a citizen complaint, led to the arrest of Jimmy Lee Gibson, 57, and Christopher David Gibson, 34, last week.

Complaints from neighbors in the Old Ivey Hollow Road area about high traffic led officers to begin an investigation in April, according to Campbell County Sheriff Gary Perkins.

Sheriff’s department detectives executed a search warrant at the Gibson residence on May 11, around 2:30 p.m.

Upon entering the residence, two females and one male were sitting inside. However, the people occupying the residence were not the owners.

Detectives secured the residence and Jimmy Gibson arrived at the 184 Old Ivey Hollow Road residence about 15 minutes later, said Detective Josh Goins.

In the rear bedroom of the house, detectives found several kinds of prescription pills and money, said Goins.

Jimmy Gibson’s son, Christopher Gibson, who was allegedly living in a camper trailer in the backyard, was  also searched.

Detectives recovered more money and pills from the camper trailer, said Goins.

Perkins said a total of $1,600 was recovered from both the house and trailer.

Jimmy Gibson was charged with possession of schedule II and III controlled substances.

Christopher Gibson was charged with possession of schedule III and IV controlled substances and a warrant for contempt, according to the intake report.

The Gibsons are held with a bond of $4,000.

Christopher Gibson has an added amount of $263 for a contempt charge.