It really is the most wonderful time of the year

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By JE Bolton

Earlier this week, my last hall was finally decked, the final Christmas present was wrapped and waiting patiently under my tree full of gold and ribbon, and the last batch of Christmas cookies and tall glass of milk awaits Santa in a huge tin next to my fireplace.  

With everything going on, the memories of previous Christmases take me back to a happier time in my childhood. I can’t help but think how everything was beautiful and you felt like anything could happen. How awesome Dec. 25 always was.

After you‘re all caught up, the unthinkable happens. It’s the flipside of the beloved holiday--the day after. It’s always sad when the Christmas tree and decorations go back into the attic; the “all Christmas music, all the time” stations begin playing regular top forty hits; all the out-of-town cousins go back home, and all the Christmas leftovers are digested in the pits of our stomachs.  

Everything settles back to normal and there’ll be a barren spot where a beautifully-lit Christmas tree sits now. I suppose it’s really a good thing associated with this season visits us once a year, or else we’d never appreciate the lights that twinkle and the beauty itself of the Christmas season.

On the bright side, there’s a great big New Year that awaits us. I’ve got a couple of resolutions that I intend on sticking with, but that’s “another view” for another time.

Dear readers, always remember that seasons may come and go, but it’s all part of the cycle we call life. Kids grow up, people come and go, and some things may never be the same again, but aren’t you glad that wonderful times like Christmas never change? It never will.

I guess those crooners had it right all along. This really is the most wonderful time of the year.