Jacksboro board addresses upcoming projects

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By Natasha LaFayette


Jacksboro Mayor Jack Cannon began the monthly meeting of the board of mayor and aldermen, stating the Shop with a Cop program recently had no eligible person in the city to sign over money.

“No one in the town of Jacksboro is authorized to sign it,” said Cannon about spending money from the shop with a cop fund. “We need to get the signatures changed on the cards.”

Cannon suggested the mayor, city recorder and Police Chief Danny Chapman be placed as authorized users on the credit account. Cannon put the suggested names in the form of a motion and the board approved the change.

While the agenda did not list items for discussion, Cannon addressed issues within the town for discussion and approval.

Next on his list of items was the cutting of trees around town. The cutting of two wild cherry trees with broken limbs and a smaller tree would cost the town $350, paid out of the general fund.

According to the Cannon, the recreation grant that will be used for a walking trail requires several trees to be cut down along the path.

“We went through there and looked at all the trees that’s going to have to be cut down on this property down here,” said Cannon. “The total for all the trees in there, the small ones and big ones, along the creek is $1,050.”

There are a total of about 15 trees to be cut along the creek bank to make a sidewalk.

Cannon said after the walking trail is completed, native Tennessee trees would be replaced along the trail.

Cannon said the entire tree trimming combined would cost about $2,200, which includes everything in the town to be completed by LaFollette Tree Trimming by spring.

About $700 will be spent from the general fund with the remainder being spent from the recreation fund.

In other business, the street department needed two tires for the backhoe. The council approved the purchase of two tires for $165 each.

For the fire department the board discussed HAZMAT training. There are four 16-hour classes, totaling 64 hours. The board approved possibly sending as many as four firemen to the training.

For the Jacksboro Police Department the board discussed the purchase of a laptop and projector. According to Cannon, the equipment is used for training in the schools and would be purchased from the drug fund.

The cost of the projector is $499 and the laptop is $698. The board approved the purchase of equipment for the police department.