Jacksboro board discusses revenue, water line extension project

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By Natasha LaFayette

At the beginning of the Jacksboro Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting last Thursday, Mayor Jack Cannon addressed current revenues.

“We are down right at $41,000 through the end of February, that takes into account our sales tax through the Christmas season,” said Cannon.

The mayor further explained the town would suffer another decrease due to the closing of Goody’s Clothing Store.

“I will keep you all informed as those things happen,” said Cannon.

Cannon congratulated Fire Chief Jason Shetterly for passing the firefighter two status. The mayor then recommended officer Jeremy Goins get certified in methamphetamine training. The board approved sending Goins to meth training.

In other business the board discussed applying for a federal grant for a line extension project by Caryville-Jacksboro Utility Commission (CJUC.)

“Its to put a 12 inch line in here to the water tower,” said Cannon.

The request stated the line would increase flow from the base of Cumberland Mountain to the I-75 exit, I41 exchange on the top of the mountain to a tank.

The cost of the extension is $1.12 million. The flow would increase water availability to areas throughout the county.

Cannon stated if any areas of the county run short of water like Jellico did last year, then the line would supply water in an emergency situation.

Alderwoman June Fornster asked who would fund the project if grants were not obtained. Cannon stated the utilities would seek other funding areas if grants were not available.

“We are not expending any money,” said Cannon. “The preliminary work has already been done and paid for by the county, the economic development board.”

Fornster made the motion as the board voted in favor of applying for funding.

As the meeting continued the board approved Aaron Hutson as a volunteer in the library and Greg Smith being a notary in the library.

As the meeting continued the board discussed bids obtained by engineering firms for the T-21 grant and the safe route to school grant.

Cannon read from five qualifying engineering statements. According to Cannon, professional grant writer Mitch Loomis said he had worked with the Cannon and Cannon Inc. engineers and they had met the requirements.

“The only thing I don’t like is none of them sent a price,” said Cannon about the bids under the new federal guidelines.

The T-21 grant with a 80/20 match allows the town to use engineering fees as part of the matching funds.

The T-21 grant is for $194,343.

Cannon made the motion to accept the bid by Cannon and Cannon Inc., and stated he would check on exact pricing.

The board approved the engineering firm.

The board quickly approved spending $500 for lights to go on the fire truck.

In other business, the board approved sending 11 firefighters for CPR recertification. The certification is $20 a person, which comes to $220.

Lastly, the board approved moving Shane Green from an auxiliary position in the fire department to a full time position.

Shetterly said he was the next person in line to be promoted. The board approved the transfer.

Fornster explained to the council the planning commission had approved a set of apartments to be built on Starz Lane.

“The one stipulation the planning commission made with the property owners was as the building takes place the town building inspector make at least one visit a week,” said Fornster.

Cannon said once a starting date for construction is established, then the inspector can start showing up on the building site weekly.

“I want it done,” said Fornster. “I want it done.”