Jacksboro meeting brings about questions

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By Nancy Bright, TYPESETTER

What is usually a straightforward meeting turned out to be a question and answer session at Jacksboro last week.

The monthly meeting began with Mayor Jack Cannon recognizing auxiliary fireman Chris Wallen. Wallen distributed a handout to the board of mayor and aldermen that consisted of items needed by the fire department. But he was abruptly stopped by alderwoman June Gwin Forstner. She turned the focus to Jacksboro Fire Chief Jason Shetterly and questioned why Wallen was making the presentation. Shetterly said “he requested to present this item to board and I decided to let him.”

With approval from Shetterly, Wallen proceeded. As the board listened, it heard of 146 items the JFD needs. This included a fire truck, three items for engine #1, 95 pieces of gears, 23 pieces of communication equipment and three items for the station. Wallen also listed a dozen repairs that are needed for the fire hall.

The next item on the agenda presented by Cannon was the purchase of a 2010 Dodge Charger, “bids have been taken for the vehicle and the purchase would be made out the drug fund” Cannon said. Police Chief Danny Chapman requested the board approve spending $2,500 for detailing the car and an additional $300 for the striping of the Ford patrol car. He also requested the purchase of a shotgun. He said the  department is short two; the board approved the purchase of the two guns. 

Cannon suggested the board join in the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department surplus auction that will be held Nov. 6. The city had some vehicles that were no longer in use and could be sold at the auction, he said. The board agreed a list of items to be sold at the auction would be presented for approval at the next meeting.

The board moved quickly into approving $6,500 for the architect fees for the city park.

Cannon later recognized Fire Chief Jason Shetterly who spoke to the board about how “the fire department currently only has one fire truck in operation and it has a leak.” Cannon began questioning Shetterly about the cost of repairing the trucks. Shetterly said the truck failed its last pump test and has some electrical issues, repairs would be in excess of $20,000. “We are looking at $2,000 just to get the truck to started,” said Shetterly. Forstner requested a more in-depth assessment of the truck before going forward with repairs.