Jacksboro records reflect minimal travel

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By Beth Braden

Editor’s Note: In the coming weeks the LaFollette Press will publish a series of stories focused on spending for travel by governmental entities. This is the third in the series.


Four employees traveled on Jacksboro business in a 15-month span, according to finance reports.

At a total of $1,310.05, that averages out to $21.83 per traveler per month. Jacksboro employees a total of 19 people.

Kathy Green

Kathy Green, the town’s clerk, incurred $173.27 in expenses for 2011, and another $185.30 in 2012. Both totals were to pay for meals and lodging at the Tennessee Incident Based Reporting Systems conference in Pigeon Forge.

Mike Starrett

Det. Mike Starrett, an officer with the Jacksboro Police Department, also sticks  close to home. On Aug. 31, he travelled to Murfreesboro to attend a methamphetamine class. The town paid $40 for his gasoline.

Zachary Graves

Former JPD officer Zachary Graves attended DUI classes in February where he received further training on administering field sobriety tests. The town paid the course fees of $694 for the program. Graves left the Jacksboro Police Department in September.

Greg Smith

Librarian Greg Smith traveled to Clinton for training purposes in March. He was reimbursed $17.48 for mileage.

Calls to Jacksboro Mayor Jack Cannon were not returned.