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By Beth Braden

LaFOLLETTE—A LaFollette Middle School janitor was arrested after police say he was counterfeiting money at the school where he worked.

James Terry Chapman, 44, 140 Brookplace Ln., was arrested on Oct. 1 following an investigation by the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department. 

On Sept. 24,  Bolton’s car was repossessed and counterfeit bills, as well as photocopied money  were among the items inventoried. 

On Sept. 25, Chapman’s vehicle was towed back to LaFollette from Knoxville by Bolton’s Body Shop. The shop owner loaned Chapman $50 against the vehicle, according to police reports.

Chapman reportedly returned to the business and told the shop owner that one of the $20 bills was counterfeit. The shop owner reported the counterfeit money to authorities. 

Chapman reportedly admitted to counterfeiting money during a police interview on Sept. 30 and again on Oct. 1. 

Chapman was using a printer at LMS to print the bills, police reports indicated. 

He was arrested at charged with criminal simulation. 

Chapman was just beginning his fourth year as a school system employee.