Jeffers twin sentenced for day of crime

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By Susan Sharp

Twins Ronnie and Donnie Jeffers now have more than a birthday in common- they have matching sentences after Monday’s session of criminal court.

Appearing in court on theft and burglary charges, the duo was sentenced to four months in jail along with four years probation.

They were also ordered by Judge Shayne Sexton to pay court costs, $75 fines and $1,250 in restitution each, the plea agreements said.

In November 2008, the twins indulged in a mini crime spree when Ronnie Jeffers allegedly broke into a vehicle and then working in concert, they burglarized a home, LaFollette Police reports said.

However, it came to the surface when Donnie Jeffers, was a passenger in a car that was stopped on South Indiana Avenue for a window tint violation.

When LaFollette Police Officer Jason Marlow asked for his identification, Jeffers said he had none. He then said his name was Ronnie Jeffers.

According to the arrest warrant, Marlow knew this information to be false. Ronnie Jeffers had just been arrested, the warrant said.

 Records indicate Marlow had previously gone to investigate a report of a suspicious male entering a vehicle in a parking lot at LaFollette Housing Authority.

Upon arrival, Marlow found Ronnie Jeffers inside the vehicle located on East Kentucky Avenue.

According to reports, Ronnie Jeffers was found with a black flashlight in his pocket that allegedly belonged to the vehicle owner.

Arrest records from the duo’s apprehension further stated LPD Officer John Baker had received a complaint from a witness who had observed Ronnie Jeffers and Donnie Jeffers going in and out of an apartment in the LaFollette Housing Authority complex earlier that day.

The Jeffers twins allegedly made several trips from the apartment to their car, which was parked approximately a block away.

An investigation of the apartment revealed that the Jeffers allegedly gained entry though a window and the interior of the residence had been ransacked, according to arrest reports.

The resident of the apartment provided officers with a lengthy inventory of items taken including knives, electronics and several pieces of jewelry.