Jellico board names civic center, leases town garage

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By Beth Braden

The community center in Jellico has an official name after last Thursday’s meeting of the mayor and aldermen.

“The reason I put this on the agenda is because we have the building leased for some gatherings and the people were asking what do you call it and is there a sign and so forth,” said city recorder Linda Douglas.

Alderman Charles Vermillion motioned to name the center the Jellico Civic Center. The center is located at 690 S. Main Street in Jellico.

“It’s [civic is] a smaller word, you can make a bigger sign,” he said.

Alderwoman Pam Carbaugh added to the motion that money for a sign will come out of the tourism budget.

The motion passed unanimously.

The public works garage has a new tenant. Gary McLemore will lease the building to use as a vehicle repair shop, though city will take precedence.

“How long has Gary been in this building before this was brought to the council?” asked vice mayor Venita “Cissco” Johnson.

McLemore has been using the building for about a month and a half to work on the town’s vehicles, said Mayor Les Stiers.

 “We ain’t had no problem getting our police cars worked on,” said police chief Chris Anderson.

McLemore will pay $300 per month to lease the building plus help with the electric bill.

Stiers motioned to lease the garage, seconded by Carbaugh. The motion passed with Johnson casting the only dissenting vote.

Special Recognition

The board of aldermen awarded Alla Faye Monday a plaque to recognize her performance in the World Horseshoe Pitching Championship.

“Everybody has a sport that they achieve in, and I think Alla Faye has went above and beyond,” said alderman Alvin Evans. “Every time she gets in an event she either wins it or ranks up there in the top.”

Brush Pick-Up

Weekly brush pick up will now be on Thursday and Friday, and the branches should be no longer than four feet in length.

The first load of brush hauled from a property will be picked up free of charge, but citizens will pay $20 for each additional load.

“I’m okay with the first load free,” said Alderman Darrell Byrge.

“You’re charging people for city service and you’re charging people for garbage pick up. Who’s gonna enforce it?” asked Evans.

Byrge motioned to make Thursday and Friday brush pick-up days. Carbaugh seconded the motion.

The board approved the motion unanimously.

Walk to School Day

Oct. 3 will be Walk to School Day.

“This is an initiative by Gov. Haslam. It’s a green initiative to save fuel and exercise our children,” Stiers said.

Officers will be out in full-force to protect children on their trek to school.

The board approved the motion unanimously.

RTP Grant

A motion to approve the administration of a recreational trail-building project failed, leaving the process on hold.

The town was approved to receive an 80/20 grant for recreational trails in June. In an 80/20 grant, 80 percent of the money is provided, and the town is responsible for the remaining 20 percent. According to state law, that 20 percent can come from in-kind services, meaning no money needs to be paid by the town.

“We can do in-kind services, so we already cleared the city property [where the trail will go],” said Douglas. “The state has already been up here and looked it over and said we had our part of it done.”

“Well I don’t want us to lose any grant money or anything like that, but we are thin. I’ve been around these grants for years and there’s always something that comes up where we have to put money out and it takes a long time to get it back,” Evans said.

“If we don’t vote for this tonight, can it come back to the table?” Carbaugh asked.

Stiers was unsure how long the grant would be available.

The motion to approve the management and administration of the project failed with Vermillion and Byrge casting the only affirmative votes.

Salvage Property

The town has gathered salvageable property to be sold at a later date, either by auction or by sale. The items include vehicles, pianos, desks, office equipment and paint. The sale date will be advertised. The items will be sold as-is.