Jellico changes vehicle rules for out-of-town officers

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JELLICO—Officers who live outside the town limits will no longer be allowed to drive their police vehicles home.

The board first discussed Det. Sgt. Jeff Ivey’s vehicle in November. Ivey, who also serves as the department’s drug officer, lives in LaFollette and drove his police car home each day.

Ivey’s salary was partially paid from a grant that has since expired. Fuel costs for his vehicle are split between the city and the drug fund.

“Since he’s off the grant now and if he comes back, we’ll be paying his fuel to come to work,” Alderwoman Sharp said in November.

Last Thursday, Mayor Les Stiers attempted to talk the board out of voting for Sharp’s motion.

While Ivey does drive his police car home, he typically takes inmates to the county jail on his way home, Stiers said.

“If we limit him there, then we’re gonna have to pay overtime to take the prisoners to jail,” Stiers said.

“We need to save some money,” Sharp countered.

Sharp’s motion passed with only Alderwoman Pam Carbaugh voting against it.

“We’ll have him park his vehicle and use it only on official business,” the mayor said.